The Friends of Brook Green is a Community Association and charity which was formed as a limited company in 2010.

Our core activities and focus are the maintenance, renewal and sensitive enhancement of Brook Green with the aim of improving its appearance and facilities and of promoting its responsible use. To date we have enlarged and improved the Playground, in partnership with LB Hammersmith & Fulham (Parks Department) (“LBHF”), and have upgraded the tennis courts. We have raised significant funding to supplement that which LBHF is able to provide for enhancing the green. We are also planing to build a replacement Pavilion for the one that had to be taken down in 2012 because if had become life expired and unsafe.

A second aim is to keep the community updated through our newsletter which cover newsorthy local matters. Currently our newsletter is distributed electronically (for the most part) to about 1000 local people eight times per year.

Our third focus is to organise social events with a view to bringing enjoyment to local people and to fostering the sense of community in our locality. Currently in September each year we host a Fair Day on the Green with games, rides, stalls, a dog show etc. and in February we stage an inter-street quiz evening. Other activities include the provision of subsidised sport for children and carol singing.

We are very grateful to the support we get from many local residents and from the Brook Green business community in the fulfilment of our Capital and Social programme.  We have also received much appreciated financial support from local schools, social enterprise funds, environmental trusts and property developers who have promoted schemes near to Brook Green.

Who are the Friends of Brook Green?

The Friends of Brook Green was established as a pressure group to stop the playground re-designs which would have adversely changed the character of the Green and have wasted significant funds on an inadequate playground for Brook Green. Within just a few weeks of its formation, these initial aims were achieved.

We are a limited company (no. 07189080) and a registered charity (no. 1135762). Our Board currently consists of 12 directors all of whom are elected for an initial three year term by the Friends in general meeting. All our directors live on or in the streets around Brook Green. Becoming a Friend is open to anyone and is free of charge.

What do we stand for?

  • Our abiding principle is to protect and enhance the wonderful open space of Brook Green, the heart of our community.
  • We are here to work with other local community groups, schools, families, residents and office-workers to highlight key issues and opportunities for all Brook Green residents and users.
  • We hope to foster a sense of community and conviviality around the green and want users and residents alike to feel that the Green is a place where they can relax and/or play.
  • We also want to make it easier for previously silent voices to be heard – we welcome and invite all ideas, views and opinions to form a constructive debate and an active vision for Brook Green.
  • Any financial surplus we generate is reinvested in the Green, held in reserve for such purpose, made available to our subsidised sport fund or gifted to other socially important local charities.

How do we achieve our goals?

With the changing role and financial position of local Councils, including LBH+F, we have felt it desirable and necessary in the interests of protecting and enhancing the quality of our Green to take on a more proactive role including as a principal. In this capacity we aim to partner LBH+F Parks section in the planning, prioritising, delivery, oversight and management of the Capital works and the Maintenance Programmes including the tennis courts. We also aim to raise finance for the Green to supplement the resources which the Council has available as these would clearly not be sufficient to deliver the Improvements and quality of the Green which the Community wants.

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  • Join us to have your say in the future of Brook Green
  • Join us to be alerted quickly to key issues – whether political or environmental – that affect Brook Green
  • Join us to hear about community events and activities
  • Join us to be an active part of the vibrant community of Brook Green
  • Becoming a Friend is free!

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