Tennis Coach Licence 2018/2019

The Tennis Licence has been amended and issued to Rocco and Courtfit. The main changes are as follows:

  1. CourtFit to load all of Rocco’s coaching programme onto ClubSpark including booking the courts.  As with CourtFit, FBG will invoice Rocco for the court fees on a monthly basis.
  2. Absences by a licence holder from courts for more than 2 weeks must be notified in advance and proper provision put in place for cover.
  3. Emails from the Tennis Committee must be responded to quickly
  4. At least two weeks’ notice must be given if requests for additional court time are made.
  5. Sub-coaches (i.e. Bali/Ivana etc.) must be free to work for either licence holder when needed to fill gaps.
  6. Three strikes and you’re out policy (3 in any 12 months) now written in.
  7.      Term of licence to run until 31 March 2019

Friends of Brook Green Tennis Committee