At our AGM in December two Proposed improvements relating to the Western Lawn were (more or less) unanimously agreed, namely:

a. we should (budget permitting) reclaim the tarmac area on the south side of the Lawn so that it is regrassed but with a robust aesthetically pleasing path along the kerb side which will mean that people can walk easily around all sides of the lawn;

b. the existing formal, tarmac path across the SW/NE axis should be relaid (again budget permitting) with a more aesthethitically pleasing and fit for purpose finish (consistent with the path in a. above)

Sadly since December we have managed to make almost no progress with the Council in relation to removal of the tarmac or on the release of s106 funding for the Western Lawn. As dealing with officials has proved so deeply frustrating and unsatisfactory, we have recently written to key Councillors to request their intervention in the interest of the Brook Green and Avonmore and Addison Communities. We await their response.

The other proposals considered at the AGM, where the discussion was inconclusive, were the possibility of converting the informal desire line path across the SE/NW axis of the western lawn into a (marginally rerouted) paved path. This would be finished in the same aesthetically pleasing materially to be used elsewhere. Secondly opinions were (more or less) evenly divided on the matter of fencing the perimeters of the Lawn other than the eastern side (for which there was no support). At some point we will have to decide how to test the fuller Community’s mood on these points but until we have committed funding, or are nearer to it, we do not intend to reopen either matter given that there is currently no money to take either proposal forward.

As regards repairing the Green’s fencing where it has been damaged, we are still awaiting cost estimates. If these are not unreasonable we hope to be able to repair the broken fencing on Little Brook Green, the Western Lawn by the SBR Bus stop and at the top end of the St Pauls’ Walkway area.