On 15th April 2015, the Planning Committee of LBHammersmith & Fulham unanimously granted approval for the Friends’ application to construct a Pavilion adjacent to the Playground and the tennis courts on the south side of Brook Green. The Pavilion was designed for us in response to our specification requirements by de Rosee Sa, a firm of architects, whose principals live locally. The design has been progressed over the last 3 years through several concepts and four distinct proposals. These were extensively consulted upon with feedback taken into consideration as the design evolved. A significant majority supported the Friends’ proposed final design. At the meeting of the Planning Committee one Councillor noted that the Friends of Brook Green were to be congratulated for the manner in which we had taken forward this initiative.

Over the coming months the Pavilion Working Group will focus on satisfying the conditions attaching to the Planning Consent, detailed design specification, tendering and procurement of the construction works. If all proceeds to plan we would hope to start construction in the late autumn of this year.