This year we’re re-launching the Brook Green Community Prize – celebrating the very best of individuals and groups who make Brook Green what it is. At Brook Green Day on Saturday 19th September two winners will be announced (and prizes given):

The Brook Greener of the year – the person who, in the eyes of the prize sponsor and the Board of the FBG, has made the best contribution to the lives of those of us who live in and around Brook Green

The Brook Green Group of the year – the group who has made the most impact to the lives and opportunities of people who live, work and study around Brook Green

And we need your help! In the months ahead John Higgins will be combing the community asking to hear about what great things people have been up to… so if you want to recommend someone or some group, please get in contact with him on 07742 921588 or

We are also pleased to announce that this year’s prizes will be generously sponsored by Finlay Brewer.